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L-NATZWEILER and the Medical Faculty of the Reich University of Strasbourg (1941-1944). The links between the medical faculty of the Reichsuniversität Strasbourg and the Natzweiler concentration camp were already known, in particular the experiments carried out by Eugen Haagen, Otto Bickenbach and August Hirt, and the murder of 86 Jewish people in the gas chamber set up for this purpose. Recent work by the Historical Commission on the Medical Faculty of the Reich University of Strasbourg has uncovered more, more mundane and less extreme connections. All these interactions, interconnections and collaborations contribute to renew the image of a hermetic, secluded and isolated concentration camp in the Alsatian Vosges, towards a camp that was fully integrated into the Nazi system of health care and racial hygiene. This exhibition is realized in partnership with the University of Strasbourg and with the support of the Grand Est Region.

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