Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Natural sites and gardens

Didn't Louis XIV already say, upon discovering Alsace, “what a beautiful garden! » The Bruche Valley is a magnificent example. From Donon to Climont via the Serva waterfall and the Champ du Feu, flowery meadows line up in a farandole in the middle of variegated forests !

If art is creation, Nature is artist. She left in the Bruche valley a open-air garden !

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  • Lutzelhouse

    The Rock of Mutzig

    The Mutzig rock peaking at an altitude of 1008 m, offers a 360° view of the Bruche valley, as well as the...

    The Stone Gate

    The Stone Gate is a strange and fascinating natural monument, a pink sandstone monolith, located in the heart of the...

    Soultzbach waterfall

    In a rocky cirque above Urmatt, discover a Soultzbach jump of around 8 meters. In a setting of...
    La Broque

    Landscape reading point

    Located above rue du Réservoir, in the heart of the hamlet of La Claquette, this reading point lets you discover a...

    The Donon national forest

    The Donon massif has an exceptional forest. The Donon-Schneeberg sites, essentially...
    Parking Onsite

    Champ du feu plateau

    With its 1099 meters, the Champ du Feu is the highest point in the Bas-Rhin. Its high altitude thatch vegetation and...

    The Kappelbronn redwood

    This giant sequoia has a special history. It was planted in 1896, in memory of Louis Butze, a little boy...
    Bruche Valley

    Remarkable trees

    These few photos of remarkable trees in the Bruche valley aim to awaken and make...

    The rock of the Hanging Cat

    La Chatte Pendue culminates at 899 m. An orientation table from the Vosges club in Strasbourg allows you to take in a superb...
    Bruche Valley

    The landscapes of the Bruche valley

    The Bruche Valley, which the river whose name it bears contributed to...

    Urmatt - Green station

    Labeled “Green Station”, the Urmatt commune announces the gateway to the Bruche Valley. It has 1500...

    Landscape reading point: Oberlin Museum

    Inconceivable to evoke landscapes and natural riches without associating the richness of the herbarium collections...