Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Cultural heritage

The wealth of the Bruche valley can be counted in a multitude of small simple and touching heritage left by men throughout its history: major sites of memory, religious buildings, architectural testimonies, industrial remains, popular and contemporary art.

If the Bruche valley is Alsatian at heart, It is Vosges at heart, it makes all the difference... the promise of a real change of scenery.

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  • Plaine

    Battle of Saint-Blaise-La-Roche/Plaine

    Commemorative plaque at the Niargoutte farm: “French remembrance of those who died for their country 1914-1918”. August 14...

    Former spinning mill

    Exterior visit

    Old Synagogue

    Outdoor visit all year round and guided tour during...

    Schirmeck Castle

    Built at the beginning of the 1633th century, this castle was destroyed by the Swedes in XNUMX during the Thirty Years' War. In...
    Saint Blaise la Roche

    Commemorative stele

    In the center of the village, a stele commemorates August 14, 1914, the date of the combat where the 1st battalion of foot hunters...

    The church and its frescoes

    The ground floor of the Romanesque bell tower with twin bays constituted the choir of the medieval Saint-Jean-Baptiste church. ...

    French military cemetery (1914-1918)

    French military cemetery including an ossuary of 26 unknown French soldiers belonging to the regiments...

    Grandfontaine Mines

    The site is nestled at the foot of the sacred mountain of Donon in the Bruche Valley. For nearly 700 years he was the...

    Stations of the Cross at Saint-André Church

    In 2009, the smallest town in the department entrusted 15 internationally renowned artists with the task of creating...

    Chapel of Our Lady of the Sick

    At the exit of Ranrupt towards Colroy-la-Roche. This adorable rural building was built shortly after 1861 on...

    Military cemetery (1939-1945)

    Graves of soldiers, some of Muslim and Israeli faith.

    The Stiehr Frères organ of the Saint-Michel parish church

    The Saint-Michel parish church was built between 1742 and 1839. It was only in September 1859 that the church...