Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France


But so many things to see!

Look, discover, this valley is really different

The Vosges is in the south, in the north, it is also in the center... of Alsace, a few hills from the Wine Route. The Bruche Valley is nestled there, a marvelous country shaped by Nature, by History, by the men who left their mark there and by those whose talent brings it to life today.

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Dive into history


The wine route, picturesque villages, unmissable stops like Strasbourg and Colmar: this is Alsace, and so much more! Did you know that there is the highest density of museums in France? The Bruche Valley is no exception: it stands out.

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Family walk on a hiking trail in a green setting
A breath of fresh air

Natural sites and gardens

Louis XIV, amazed by the discovery of Alsace, exclaimed: “What a beautiful garden! » The Bruche Valley is a splendid illustration of this. From Donon to Climont, passing by the Serva waterfall and the Champ du Feu, flowery meadows stretch in a delicate dance in the heart of varied forests.

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The striking legacy of our past

Cultural heritage

The Bruche valley reveals its richness through a myriad of heritage imbued with simplicity and emotion, witnesses to the passage of men throughout its history. Between memorial sites, religious buildings, industrial remains, each element tells a unique story.

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Manufacturing workshop January 2009
Our valley has talent!

Craft entreprises

It was the cradle and continues to be the guardian of know-how which forges a heritage of great richness. From artisan butchers to master jam makers, from potters to tableware creators, and even stonemasons, everyone embodies a remarkable creative spirit.

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