Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

The tourist office team

The house of all Bruchois

At 114 Grand'Rue in Schirmeck

The image we have of a tourist office usually looks like this: Smiling people who, behind a counter, distribute documentation and city maps to tourists, welcome and provide information to visitors and vacationers... This is both true and completely different !

Hospitality is our core business, meeting and human sharing a passion that drives us even if today it uses new tools, in particular, digital... However, we are here not only for tourists but also for our accommodation providers, our municipalities, our associations, our restaurateurs, our businesses and our residents.

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Anne Catherine OSTERTAG

Director of the Bruche valley tourist office

My biography
They say that I am the “Swiss army knife” of the tourist office… I am mainly on the lookout for tourism trends to drive projects and orchestrate the team's work. I welcome project leaders and support municipalities in their initiatives for tourism purposes.

My missions
Coming from local development and land use planning, I “fell into tourism” like Obelix in the magic potion, I have been practicing this wonderful profession with enthusiasm for more than 40 years. Director of the Bruche valley tourist office in charge of tourism development in this mid-mountain territory, I enjoy working across the entire tourism value chain: from development, tourism development, promotion and marketing, right through to welcoming visitors. I see my mission as a link between: elected officials, residents, socio-professionals and customers with the conviction that we must, without delay, invent the governance of the office of tomorrow in order to guarantee efficient public action for tourism. .

My tips
My favorite hike : The Hang clearing, I love the tranquility that emanates from this vast sunny clearing at the foot of Climont.
My favorite restaurant : Isabelle's generous marcaire meal at the Bambois farm, it smells like childhood! But for dessert, the Siess Kasss from the Ferme du Promont is “killer”!
My favourite activity : The zip lines at the Alsace Aventure park in Breitenbach
My favorite : People of Bruche, people of heart! There are truly wonderful people in this valley, simple generous people... Those who know my old feminist struggle will understand that I will only mention women, even if this valley also has many brave men: Louise Scheppler, Sarah Banzet and so many other great ladies that history has often forgotten. I recommend meeting: Colette Baecher, from Charapont: farmer innkeeper botanist philosopher, Nicole Lignel a farmer storyteller full of wisdom and common sense. But also: Véronique Weilbacher, Corinne Schynoll, Martine Kwiatkowski, Martine Siegfried, Christiane Cuny, Evelyne Weber, Laurence Burghard, Mireille François, Clémence Rousseau Dumarcet… and so many others!

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Visitor services assistant
Promotion - Press relations

My biography
My roots are in the north of Alsace. I was won over very early by the attraction of the unknown, the thirst for travel... I had the chance to live and work abroad for 15 years before "coming back home" to Alsace... To realize that we live in a region that is exceptional in every way, a box of real little gems, the Bruche valley is one of them. Meeting people is the spice of my life, nature my source of energy, chatting is a vital need, so I think I'm in the right place!

My missions
It makes the image of the valley resonate beyond its borders. Simone manages communication and promotion in collaboration with the director, writes and distributes the various communication supports (brochures, guides, announcements) in the written and radio, regional and national press, and organizes press receptions. She also translates the content (website and brochures) into German. Be present everywhere and all the time!



Visitor services assistant
Accounting - HR - Tourist tax

My biography
I come from the East. Installed in the beautiful Bruche valley in 2007, I never wanted to leave it, not even for work. An accountant by training, I studied economics & management at university in Saint Petersburg. Sporty & curious by nature, I love meeting people.

My missions
Rigor, precision, perseverance and determination in the service of functions which require impartiality and empathy. Diana provides all support functions internally and is at the service of hosts to advise and support them.



Travel advisor
Quality representative - Outdoor activities

My biography
Originally from the south of Strasbourg, the Bruche valley was a choice of the heart, but also a challenge of reason. After a chemical engineering school and 8 years in the petrochemical industry, the appeal of human contact, and my attraction for the valley and its heritage led me to the tourist office, matching my professional aspirations and my personal values. I am proud to now be from Bruch by adoption and to be part of the local associative fabric as a storyteller at the MJC in Wildersbach.

My missions
Mister quality, natural artificial intelligence. He ensures the constant quality of our services and services. He is also Mr. Hiking/Biking. It explores and supplies the and sites with new hiking and cycling routes and new content. It develops the hiking/cycling offer in line with market trends. Its latest mission: to implement an RSO policy and deploy it throughout the region.



Visitor services assistant
Social networks - Event management

My biography
After a degree in Language, Literature and Foreign Civilization in English, I followed a professional degree in hospitality and tourism at the Hanau-La Petite Pierre Tourist Office. This six-year experience, combining tourism and digital technology, allowed me to realize my aspirations. Originally from Val d'Argent, it was natural that I settled in Colroy-la-Roche, another valley! Happy adopted Bruchoise, I am proud to promote this dynamic territory on a daily basis via the reception or the social networks of the destination.

My missions
It's always beautiful at the office as her smile brightens our days. She ensures the digital communication of the destination and manages social networks. If there are things happening in the valley, it's published! Responsible for recording events, she collects them, verifies them, enters them and disseminates them so that they are permanently visible on all regional information platforms and the online agenda. The organization of the Pleasure Trails is also her, as are all the projects for families.



Visitor services assistant
Website - Shop area

My biography
After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Foreign Languages, I chose to improve my skills in the exciting world of the web. I completed a work-study Master's degree in multilingual web communication at the University of Strasbourg. Subsequently, I set out to find my first professional experience combining digital, relational and linguistic skills. I opened the door to the Bruche valley tourist office in March 2023, and since then, I have felt “at home” there.

My missions
She is the local of the stage, Schirmeckoise by birth and heart. She is as discreet as she is efficient, she is the mechanic of the website and the guarantor of its content. Ask for it to improve your own SEO, make links, find tips for your digital communication. She participates in the creation of tourist products, ensures their marketing and is responsible for the tourist office shop.



Visitor services assistant
Partner relationships

My biography
As a child of the GDR, I experienced the fall of the wall as an opening to the world. After studying translation at the universities of Leipzig and Strasbourg, I worked for a long time in the legal translation sector, while touching on diverse and varied subjects such as... tourism! What I appreciate above all in my work at the tourist office is the human contact, whether with tourists, local residents, our partners or my colleagues!

My missions
His little accent will reveal his Eastern origins, his bursts of laughter, his permanent good humor. She joined our team in 2024, bringing her skills as a German/English translator. Meticulous, she is the eagle eye of proofreading, she actively contributes to editing and the production of communication materials. She is the preferred contact for service providers.