Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Fishing card

Close-up on the water of the Bruche

As the water flows

La Bruche is born at 690m above sea level on the western slope of Climont. A shy stream at first, the Bruche crosses a vast sunny basin, the Clairière du Hang.

The valley, narrow in places, gradually widens between the granite massif of Champ du Feu and the sandstone massif of Donon. With its four tributaries, Climontaine, Schirgoutte, Rothaine and Framont, Bruche has excellent water quality. Paradise for fishing enthusiasts, the river is classified category I.

river fishing

La Bruche is a 1st category river in the private domain. River fishing is open from second Saturday in March au third Sunday in September.

Fishing permits for the AAPPMA of the Haute Vallée de la Bruche available at:

Warnings :

  • A fishing license does not give systematic access to all waterways. For further details, please contact the depositary when purchasing your card.
  • All information relating in particular to the location of reserves and specific regulations is available from AAPPMA officials.
  • Please respect the environment and the sites, collect your waste and avoid any form of pollution and disturbance of the fauna, flora or other fishermen.