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CERD - Former Natzweiler Struthof concentration camp

An emblematic site of memory...

Living testimony of European History

The remains of this camp opened in spring 1941 on the heights of Natzwiller are the only concrete imprint of the nebulous Nazi concentration camp on French territory and pay vibrant tribute to the fate of the thousands of deportees from all over Europe crushed by the repressive apparatus of the Third Reich.

The barracks that still exist bear witness to the painful daily life of the detainees in a concentration camp dedicated to those who were called "the night & fog »… A true space for information and reflection, the European center of the deported resistance fighter (CERD) adjoining traces the rise of fascism and the birth of resistance networks in Europe and attempts to decipher the organization of the camps.

High place of national memory

Nearly 70 years after its closure, the Struthof remains an essential place where freedom, respect and tolerance are shared. On July 23, 1960, the memorial “To the heroes and martyrs of the Deportation” was officially inaugurated by General de Gaulle, then President of the French Republic…

Overlooking the valley, in 2020, after a year of restoration, it regained its stature as a symbol of the fight against Nazi oppression.

“Speaking is impossible, but remaining silent is forbidden... It is up to us to do everything so that ignorance on this subject is not permitted.”

The educational mission of the site

Facilitating the transmission of knowledge concerning European resistance and experiences of deportation, particularly those linked to political motives and repression, is the main mission of the CERD. With a annual attendance of more than 90 students, this place has a crucial educational mission: not only transmitting history, but also creating in each young visitor an awareness of their role as a citizen. This involves raising awareness of essential values ​​such as freedom, equality and fraternity, while calling for vigilance in the face of current extremist threats.

Personalized educational resources are also available online on the website. The aim is to extend the educational service by offering online tools such as educational files, visit guides and accompanying booklets, etc.

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