Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Champ du feu plateau

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In Belmont, at the Field of Fire

From the top of his 1099 meters, the Champ du Feu plateau proudly dominates the Bas Rhin. Its poetic name remains a mystery... land where wisps dance, land of charcoal burners or simply land of pasture? No one can say.

One thing, however, is certain: it is difficult to resist the gentle alternation of stubble and forests, its rolling curves, the tranquility of its landscapes and above all the magic of its starry sky at nightfall. Whether you are a hiker, mountain biker, horse rider, climber, ski enthusiast or amateur astronomer, it's escape... no matter the season !

Dive into the heart of adventure

Magnificent natural space classified as a Natura 2000 zone, the top of the Field of Fire is made up of alpine lawns, dense forests where the large Vosges firs rub shoulders with rowan trees, wild service trees and birches, but also exceptional peat bogs...

It offers a superb panorama of the plain of Alsace and the Vosges which, on clear days, extends to the Bernese Alps.

Located in the Bruche Valley, the Champ du Feu is at the heart of a territory of extraordinary diversity which includes some of the highlights of Alsatian tourism such as Don, Mont Ste Odile, Obernai, Haut Koenigsbourg, the Hohwald station, the Struthof, the Val de Villé….

Nature is self-sufficient.

Some explanations...

Where does the name Champ du Feu come from?

The origins are varied, without any being favored

Over the centuries, the Champ du Feu, once wooded, was transformed into a high thatch, like other peaks of the Vosges, hence its name in patois "cham do fé". Some interpret this name as referring to the "fairy field", due to the mysterious glows sometimes observed in the surrounding peat bogs...

Can we visit the Field of Fire Tower?

Renovation work is still in progress

The Champ du Feu tower, built in 1896, has experienced many trials, including two world wars, before its current renovation. Currently inaccessible to the public, climbing the tower remains impossible. You will have to wait a little longer before you can enjoy the magnificent panorama offered by this monument.

Things to do nearby

Whether as a couple, as a family with children, or as a group, mountain hiking enthusiasts have a multitude of options at their disposal, adapted to all levels and preferences. The possibilities range from fun walks with children to routes decorated with benches and fountains. For those who wish, it is even possible to combine hiking with a wellness break in a spa area.

To complete the visit

For those who like real challenges, two permanent orientation courses are available… a fun way to get some fresh air as a family and learn how to find your way in the forest... not so easy to read the map to transpose it into three dimensions ... mutual aid and team spirit make these routes real “adventures” in the forest.

Brochures also available in paper version, on request, at the Bruche valley tourist office.

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Two levels: 2,1 km or 3 km

Princess Emma Sector

Orienteering course in front of the Chalet du Champ du Feu

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Two levels: 2,7 km or 4 km

Serva sector

Orienteering course behind the Chalet du Champ du Feu

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