Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Meet the locals

The Bruche valley creates exceptional moments… For us, this adage is a philosophy. Experience authentic and warm encounters, intimate moments with passionate locals like Colette and Nicolas, “local people” with extraordinary passions.

A unique way to experience your getaway and leave with a head full of memorable memories.

Happiness getaways

Nicolas whispers in the ears of the mares

Nicolas spent his youth in the Hang valley. He chose to experience a “return to his roots” and his passion for the “Curly”: the “curliest” of horses. Soft, serene, curious, and… hypoallergenic. A real favorite ! He took the plunge and devoted himself entirely to breeding and his “milk” adventure.

With Colette, it's from the field to the plate

Colette, poultry breeder and distinguished cordon bleu, takes you into the secrets of her passions and introduces you to the proper use of wild and garden plants in your pots! Top chef, country version. Lovers of authentic flavors and gourmet pleasures, with family or friends, join Colette for a unique experience of its kind!