Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Relaxing adventure

Is your daily life lacking in pep? Boost your tone, wake up your muscles, let go... Treat yourself to a beneficial break and share this experience with your loved ones to make these moments even more meaningful...

Fun times with friends


Wood and water: two elements that make up the essence of the Bruche valley. The name of this Boiséo aquatic center was obvious! Here is the winning tonic cocktail for those who are on the move. Take an invigorating bike ride, add a good dose of fresh water, and top it all off with a detox ritual.

You have a question, ask for advice: +(33) 03 88 47 18 51.

Addicted spa

Treat yourself to a breath of fresh air and sensations between heaven and earth at Parc Alsace Aventure and a moment of tranquility at the Spa Mont Champ du Feu. Best friends, boyfriends & girlfriends, future former singles, nice colleagues, it's your day.

You have a question, ask for advice: +(33) 03 88 47 18 51.