Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

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The forest's call

Christelle Sturtz Froehlicher 3
Christelle Sturtz Froehlicher
Former high-level karate athlete, marathon runner, ultratailrunner and proud ambassador of the Bruche valley

The Bruche Valley is the valley of my childhood. For many years, my grandparents had a chalet in Wisches near Schirmeck. My grandfather, a beekeeper, even installed pretty hives there. 

I barely knew how to walk when I was already trudging to the Mutzig Rock and Donon, known as “the sacred mountain”. Very young, I went hiking before sunrise and then observed wild animals for hours and in absolute silence. Frozen moments that marked me and taught me to love these moments far from the noise of the world. 

As fate would have it, today I came back to this “little mountain” as I like to call it. Since confinement, it has become a place of refuge and a place where freedom breathes divinely. Thousands of kilometers have been covered running in this valley, the Climont ridden countless times also with the divine happiness of always meeting my friends from the forest.

I love this valley, its mystical forests, its small, discreet and wild mountains.

She is solitary by nature, can be surprising, changeable, also harsh but always knows how to move us with her authenticityNatural, beautiful and rebellious. Soothing too, it has this power for me after a running outing to regenerate me both physically and mentally. 

These few words addressed with great modesty, as a declaration of love for my Valley.