Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

A moment with family

Something to occupy your dear little ones from morning to evening: treasure hunt, picnic at the top of Donon, fun discovery of the Oberlin museum, adrenaline rush at the treetop park... 

Your fondest family memories are there!

Diving into heritage

Our selection of exceptional sites, for (re)discover in a fun way the tumultuous history of Alsace and Moselle. Don’t they say “No branches without roots”?

Children, as long as we make it intelligible to them, are curious about know the history of their ancestors.

Family walks in the heart of nature

Hit the trails to get some fresh air and soak up nature in a fun way to learn more about the secrets of our magnificent landscapes!

These routes are not just walks; they are journeys through the local fauna and flora, with numerous opportunities to learn about the region's unique ecosystem...

Guaranteed sensations

Investigation activities outdoors and challenges ? The Bruche valley is full of ideas to allow you to experience unforgettable moments!

Your family stay in the valley will be filled with laughter, discoveries and moments of shared joy.

Also to be found

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