Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

A gourmet moment

Little or big hunger? Traditional, local cuisine, refined dishes…

A stone's throw from the famous Alsace wine route, the Bruche valley abounds with generous tables where cold meats, cheeses, freshwater fish and tasty Alsatian dishes coexist happily.

Just let yourself be tempted

Flavors and authenticity of the terroir

People here talk about farm life, bees, forests. They walk with you, show you the places they like, share their cooking recipes, their favorites, show you the treasures they hold in their hands. They are proud and generous, and have a sharing heart. These are your best encounters!

Organized gourmet getaways

We have designed day trips for you to discover the valley from a gourmet perspective…

These tours will take you meeting the artisans of taste, with lunch breaks at tables where the menus highlight seasonal products.

Good on his plate

In the Bruche valley we like to take the time to pick up your fruit and vegetables at the village market, choose your cheese, your meat, from the local farmer.

Eat according to the seasons... Enjoy a tasty dish at home and rediscover the essentials, “the art of eating well".

Terroir in a bottle

Beer and wine lovers are not left out!

Every corner of the Bruche valley and its neighboring territories full of flavors to discover.

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