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Those who “boil the pot” and who have the terroir deeply rooted in their souls

When we think of a farm inn, we think of good food and good food... We often forget that behind this image what makes the essence of a farm inn is first and foremost the farm. From the cliché of cordon bleu to the kitchen, let's move on to these rural "micro-entrepreneurs", these farm managers.

She created her business in 1993 on the estate and within the walls of a former textile factory initially transformed into a hotel. On 13 hectares it raises no less than 1500 outdoor poultry: roosters, geese, chickens, guinea fowl and ducks and expertly runs an inn for 75 people. Her shock partner: her husband. In addition to the well-being of her "farmyard", Colette devotes her time to transforming farm products: into terrines, foie gras, preserves, syrups and other house specialties.

Colette has a real passion for cooking with plants that she picks in spring and which enhance the flavor of her dishes. To her cooking skills you will add accomplished training as a naturopath. For Colette there is no time to get up or go to bed.

It is nature that gives rhythm to his days.

At Colette, each dish, each plant has a story... which she never fails to tell around the tables.
Charapont farm inn in Natzwiller
She took over the farm and the 40 ha of the family farm in 1998. She raises poultry, cattle (Highland & Vosgienne), pigs and lambs. Her amazing team: her son to whom she passed on her passion and the tricks of the trade and when her schedule allows it, her partner.

Milking and feeding the animals at daybreak then processing farm products: cheese, cream, butter and meat. From there she passes without transition to the stoves of the inn, then joins the first visitors to whom she gives a welcome that we know is warm and lends a hand in the dining room for a very attentive service... Let's not forget the maintenance of the vegetable garden because at a farm inn it’s truly “from field to plate”. And as the day draws to a close... back to the stable for milking and feeding the animals.

And when there are births in the stable, we also get up at night. Sacred days!
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Promont farm inn in Ranrupt
Since 2005, with her husband, she has been in charge of the 60 ha farm which houses a herd of 60 Limousin cows, around fifty pigs and the inn with 75 seats located on the edge of the forest... She has bathed from a very young age (at 10 years old already with his nose in the pots) in catering and agriculture.

Like her sisters, she is the embodiment of “multi-tasking” work: farmer, butcher, butcher, cook, accountant, innkeeper, housekeeper and... stay-at-home mother. His day begins at 5:00 a.m. with “paperwork” and ends some evenings when the last guests get up from the table.

And “when necessary”, the children come to lend a hand.
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Bambois farm inn in Plaine
She has managed the 60 ha farm and the farm inn since 1991. Her livestock includes 30 Limousin cattle and a few pigs. She is surrounded by a crack team: her son, her daughter-in-law and her husband. Véronique fell into the kitchen cauldron at the age of 14 and if she devotes her days mainly to simmering her delicious dishes, she also gets her hands on the “dough” or rather the cutting and processing of the meat and ensures the impeccable maintenance and comfort of its 5 five guest rooms.

His days start “early” and often end when the last guests go to bed i.e. “at no time”…
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Ban de la Roche farm inn in Bellefosse

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