Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

Sustainable development & CSR

CSR policy and societal commitments

Our purpose « Create connections, shared values, arouse lasting emotions and offer unforgettable experiences! »

Committed for a long time to the global approach to continuous improvement in Tourism Quality, we wish to continue our development in sustainability, with a view to reducing the negative impacts of our activities, whether social, economic or environmental.

Reducing our negative impacts is good, but being able to generate positive impacts that are beneficial to everyone and benefit our entire territory is even better!

France is the world's leading tourist destination with almost 1 million international tourists and the tourism sector is responsible for 90% of France's global greenhouse gas emissions, for 11% of GDP.

In this context, developing responsible tourism has become an essential issue.

At your side to meet the challenge of sustainable development…

Tourist offices and their partners undoubtedly have a key role to play in encouraging decision-makers and businesses in their territories to adopt adapted practices that protect their most precious possession, nature, and those who shape it and nourish us.

In line with the challenges of the tourism sector, we intend to address this challenge with:

  • Collective and political will
  • The association of socio-professionals and institutions
  • The contribution and dynamism of our teams
  • The involvement of tourists, visitors and locals


More than a certification, it is a destination project, in the long term, that we propose to carry out by setting ourselves 14 strategic objectives articulated around 2 major axes:

  • Include our activities in a circular economy and waste reduction approach: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions linked to transport
  • Develop an energy sobriety strategy
  • Commit to more responsible digital technology
  • Ensure the well-being, health and safety of our employees and our audiences
  • Share with all tourism stakeholders an active awareness among visitors about the preservation of environments
  • Promoting inclusion and non-discrimination
  • Engage decision-makers and tourism professionals towards more sustainable tourism
  • Guarantee the quality of services delivered
  • Offer activities and services accessible to all types of audiences
  • Develop responsible communication
  • Encourage responsible purchasing approaches and public investments for tourism which also benefit the local population
  • Involve the entire destination in welcoming visitors
  • Focus on monitoring and innovation to successfully anticipate changes in society

Sustainable development and strategy

Initiated at the end of the 80s, the tourism development policy carried out jointly by elected officials and professionals in this area led, in particular, to the creation in 2003 of a tourist office for the Bruche valley. .

After several years of concerted actions which resulted in public and private achievements to promote the tourist offer, the development of new services, the creation of activities and events, etc. the moment seems appropriate to take an outside look at the coherence of the action and its possible points of fragility.

Illustration environment - social - economy

This “freeze frame” on the tourist positioning of the Bruche Valley “destination” is all the more necessary as the tourism market is facing profound changes linked to changes in tourist consumption patterns with the advent of internet and social networks.

Our tourism strategy established in 2018 with the objective of 2028 allows us:

  • to take the necessary step back for an objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the destination in terms of offer, positioning, organization, etc.
  • to question the role of tourism stakeholders, institutions and, beyond all stakeholders in the territorial project, in particular, the positioning of the tourist office in the “tourism chessboard” present and especially in the future,
  • to mobilize all public and private stakeholders around a collective project with the definition of a new shared ambition,
  • to set a medium-term course accompanied by an action plan for the development and attractiveness of the Bruche valley.


It gives priority to “sustainability” through its 4 axis :

AXIS 1 : spatiality & mobility – In 2028, the Bruche valley without my car

AXIS 2 : strength & uniqueness – Cultivate our difference and value what makes us unique

AXIS 3 : pride, attractiveness & innovation – A brand claimed by all, a source of pride

AXIS 4 : the tourist office of tomorrow – Give us the means to achieve our ambition and invent the tourist office of tomorrow

Sustainable development every day

Our tourist office has a CSR referent, a CSR policy and has established a charter of our environmental commitments applicable on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the structure is marked Qualité Tourisme et Accueil Vélo .

Development projects are part of a sustainable vision, the latest examples are:

  • Car-free stay offer project
  • Tourism development of the cycle path (registered trademark, “Vélo Bruche”) linked to the railway line crossing the territory
  • Assistance with the installation of Bosch EV charging stations in high-traffic locations
  • Support for a project leader for the opening of unusual & Nature tourist accommodation (Glamping): Nutchel

Initiatives already undertaken by the office

  • In 1988 Creation of “ Pleasure Trails® »
  • Since the 90s, farmers, hoteliers and restaurateurs have come together to get to know each other and promote the use of local products.
  • From 2017-18 creation of the concept of “Expériences Buissonnières®”: meeting with local know-how (experiential tourism) and marketing of day offers
  • Membership in 2022 of the network “ Sustainable Tourism Actor »: perpetuation of the commitment of the Bruche valley tourist office to work for virtuous and more humane tourism by joining this network
  • On the scale of the “Vallée de la Bruche” destination, our territory was elected “ Capital of Biodiversity », he participates in the program “ Committed to Nature », includes several protected areas Natura 2000, villages labeled “ Commune Nature " or " Green Station »
  • The label " Bienvenue à la Ferme "," Accueil Vélo  " or " Qualité Tourisme » is highlighted for certified partners in the paper editions and websites of the tourist office
  • Exchanges of experiences and support in sustainable development approaches coordinated by the tourist office in partnership with the Alsace Region.

Tools for entrepreneurship

Our partners Tourism Quality Brand

Structures labeled “ Sustainable Tourism Players »

Our certified partner “ Bike home »

Municipalities labeled “ Green Station »

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