Vallée de la Bruche
Alsace - Massif des Vosges - France

a committed destination

A unique and committed destination

Discover a secret and unexpected Alsace...

A little more surprising than the Alsace you were expecting, right? The Bruche valley – an Alsatian heart inhabited by a Vosges soul with strong values ​​as a guiding principle!

Belmont S. SPACH
Let yourself be surprised...

Off the beaten path

A secret Alsace, wonders to discover off the beaten track...

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Family walk on the heights of Belmont at Champ du Feu
Nowhere else !

Unique in bruche

Discover what makes us unique and encounter an extraordinary place... so many reasons to discover the Bruche valley!

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2013 heritage trail 036
A strong identity

portraits of enthusiasts

Meeting with 4 women, those who “boil the pot” and who have the land close to their hearts.

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DSC 0087 copy
To defend our reason for being

A sustainable destination

Reducing our negative impacts is good, but being able to generate positive impacts that are beneficial to everyone and benefit our entire territory is even better!

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