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Bruche Valley Tourist Office is committed to protecting the personal information and privacy of its customers, visitors to the Website and any person using its Services in general. 

The aim of this Personal data protection and cookie policy is to inform you:

  • Of the types of personal data that we collect from you
  • Of how Bruche Valley Tourist Office and its possible partners and sub-contractors process your personal data
  • Of the terms and conditions of use of your personal data and your rights in this respect, in compliance with the European and French legislation applicable to Bruche Valley Tourist Office.
  • All operations on your personal data are carried out in compliance with the regulations in force and in particular with Regulation no. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereafter the "GDPR"), and any national legislation applicable to data protection.


Bruche Valley Tourist Office, an association under local law, whose registered office is located at 114 Grand Rue, 67130 SCHIRMECK, represented by Nicolas DECKER, in his capacity as President.


In the process of operating the site, Bruche Valley Tourist Office collects data from you. These data are processed in accordance with the purposes for which they are collected, as some information is compulsory and other information is optional, as indicated in the collection forms.

Furthermore, Bruche Valley Tourist Office may collect personal data for other purposes, taking care to obtain the prior consent of the persons concerned.

The processing methods put in place on our site are intended to enable:

  • contact with us via the form or the e-mail address provided
  • production of site visitor statistics;
  • management of the e-mails we send;
  • management of newsletter subscriptions;
  • management of enquiries about our commercial offers;
  • management of the option to share offers and information on social networks;
  • management of RSS feeds;

Data collection takes place on the basis of your consent, which you give by filling in the data collection form or by writing to us directly, or of the legitimate interest of Bruche Valley Tourist Office in organising the management of its services.

Our customers' data are processed on the basis of the contract to which the customer is a party, or the prior consent of the prospect for prospecting operations.

Bruche Valley Tourist Office may collect the following data from you:

Subscription to the newsletter:

Identification data: last name, first name, e-mail address, telephone number

Professional data: organisation name

Contact form:

Identification data, professional data and contact data: title, last name, first name, e-mail address, organisation name, telephone number, fax number, postal address, website address, subject of messages, correspondence exchanged, date and time of messages

E-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Identification data: last name, first name, e-mail address

Contact data: subject of messages, correspondence exchanged, date and time of messages

Chat window 

Identification data: last name, e-mail address

Contact data: correspondence exchanged, date and time of messages

Statistics; Cookies and other trackers

Connection data: pages viewed by the user, date and time of viewing, geographical location, source of connection, social networks, search engine, partner site, directory.


Bruche Valley Tourist Office will store your personal data in a secure environment only for as long as is necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, or for the maximum retention period provided for by the legislation applicable in France.

Management of requests via the contact form 2 years from last contact
Audience measurement and personalisation of websites and mobile apps, cookie management 13 months
Newsletters The period between subscribing and unsubscribing from the newsletter.
Statistics cookies 6 months
Customer data management The duration of the contractual relationship, increased by three (3) years for sales and prospecting purposes, without prejudice to retention obligations or limitation periods.
Prospect data management A period of three (3) years from last contact with Bruche Valley Tourist Office



In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on personal data protection, you have the right to ask the data controller for access to, rectification or erasure of your personal data, and restriction of the processing of your personal data. 

You also have a right to object to the processing of your personal data for legitimate reasons, as well as a right to object to your data being used for direct marketing purposes.

Finally, you have the right to set general and specific guidelines defining how you intend for these rights to be exercised after your death.

If, after contacting us, you feel that your rights to your personal data are not being respected, you can submit a complaint to the CNIL (the French data protection supervisory authority) or the Supervisory Authority of your country of residence.

To exercise these rights or if you have any questions about the processing of your data in this system, you can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO), providing proof of identity by reference to your customer number or any document confirming your identity, otherwise please attach a photocopy of your official identity document.

To exercise your rights, you can contact the DPO at Bruche Valley Tourist Office:

By e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

By post: DPO- Office de Tourisme de la Vallée de la Bruche - 114 Grand Rue, 67130 SCHIRMECK

We recommend sending this letter by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt.


The recipients of your personal data are the relevant departments of Bruche Valley Tourist Office.

These personal data are not disclosed to third parties. However, Bruche Valley Tourist Office reserves the right to share personal data with authorised third parties in order to meet its legal obligations, and in particular if required to do so by judicial requisition.

Bruche Valley Tourist Office requires all its service providers and partners to process personal data in accordance with Bruche Valley Tourist Office's confidentiality and security commitments.


Taking account of technological developments, implementation costs, the nature of the data to be protected and the risks to the rights and liberties of individuals, Bruche Valley Tourist Office takes all appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data collected and processed, and to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk.

Bruche Valley Tourist Office ensures the security of your personal data by implementing data protection reinforced by the use of physical and logical security methods.

Bruche Valley Tourist Office has defined a personal data protection policy and informs any person acting under its authority and accessing this information of its confidential nature. In addition, Bruche Valley Tourist Office ensures that any of its technical service providers who may have knowledge of personal data maintain the same confidentiality.

However, it is the responsibility of each user to ensure the security of personal data shared over the internet. Bruche Valley Tourist Office cannot be held responsible for any sharing of personal data over the internet. 


The personal data collected on the site are exclusively intended for Bruche Valley Tourist Office. No data are transferred outside the European Union.

Bruche Valley Tourist Office reserves the right to share your personal data in order to meet its legal obligations, and in particular if required to do so by judicial requisition.


You can share the pages you are interested in on social networks by clicking on share buttons.

The collection of information through social network share buttons is subject to the privacy policies of those third parties. We invite you to read the policies of those social networks to find out what use is made of your personal data.



Cookies are data stored on a user's device and used by the site to send information to the user's browser, allowing the browser to send information back to the original site (for example a session identifier, choice of language or a date).

Cookies make it possible to store status information when a browser accesses the various pages of a website or when this browser subsequently returns to the website, until the cookie expires.

Only the cookie's issuer can read or modify the information it contains.

Several types of cookies may be used by the site:

  • Strictly necessary cookies required to enable browsing of the site and ensure that it functions properly;
  • Cookies that are used to produce statistics on visits to the site;
  • Social network cookies and plug-ins


The advertising content shown on our website may contain cookies issued by third parties. Such cookies may also be placed on your device when you browse. The issuance and use of these cookies by third parties are governed by the privacy protection policies of those third parties.

These cookies are used for the following purposes in particular:

-       to count the number of times advertising content is displayed, to identify the ads displayed, the number of users who clicked on each ad, in particular in order to calculate the sums due to the advertising agencies and to produce statistics;

-       to recognise your device during future browsing in order to adapt and personalise the services and advertising offers that they send to you on our website, or on any other site on which these third parties issue cookies.

Third-party cookies:
















Third-party trackers:











Google Analytics

Bruche Valley Tourist Office uses the services of the American company Google Inc.

The data collected using cookies are transmitted and stored by Google Inc. Google Inc. is a member of the Privacy Shield (EU-U.S. Privacy Shield draft adequacy decision of 12 June 2016) and therefore ensures an adequate level of protection for personal data.

The Google Analytics service allows us to count visitors and see how they use the site. These cookies are stored and read on the user's device, as soon as the user accesses a website using the Google Analytics service.

You can find more information on the Google Analytics service by visiting the page

Social network sharing cookies

Bruche Valley Tourist Office offers users features for sharing editorial content and any other type of content published on the Site through social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Social network Cookies are managed by the publisher of the social networking site. The publisher of the social network concerned can identify the User through the share buttons, even if such a button was not used when viewing our site. Indeed, this type of application button allows the social network concerned to track a User's browsing of the Site, by the sole fact of the User's social network account being activated (open session) on their device while they are browsing the site.

Bruche Valley Tourist Office has no control over the process used by social networks to collect information relating to the User's browsing of the site and associated with the personal data they hold. The User is invited to read the social network cookie management policy on the sites concerned. These protection policies must in particular allow the User to exercise their choices on those social networks, in particular by configuring your user accounts for each network.


When you browse our website, placing and reading cookies enables us to analyse your browsing and measure the audience of the  website.

You also have the option to manage the cookies used on the site by configuring your browser, as detailed below. The User is hereby informed that cookies or other technologies are used when connecting to the Site, in accordance with the choice expressed by the User; this choice may be modified at any time.

Until it expires, a Cookie enables its issuer to recognise the device concerned (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) each time this device accesses digital content containing Cookies from that issuer. A cookie stores information about your computer's browsing of our site (pages you have viewed, date and time of viewing, etc.) that we will be able to read during your subsequent visits.

You have several options for deleting cookies.

Indeed, while most browsers are set up by default and accept the installation of cookies, you have the option, if you wish, to choose to accept all cookies, reject them systematically, or choose which ones you accept depending on the issuer. To do so, you can install a cookie manager to add, delete, modify, search, protect and block cookies by clicking here.

You can also set your browser to accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis before they are installed.  You can also regularly delete cookies from your device via your browser.

Don't forget to configure all the browsers on your various devices (tablets, smartphones, computers).

Each browser has a different configuration process for managing cookies and your choices. It is described in your browser's help menu, which will tell you how to change your cookie preferences. For example:

for Internet Explorer™: 
for Safari™:
for Chrome™:
for Firefox™:
for Opera™:

However, we hereby inform you that if you configure your browser to reject cookies, certain features, pages and areas of the site will not be accessible, for which we cannot be held responsible.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that when you object to the installation or use of a cookie, a refusal cookie is installed on your device.

If you delete this refusal cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having refused the use of cookies.

Similarly, when you consent to the installation of cookies, a consent cookie is installed. The consent or refusal cookies must remain on your device.


This policy is in effect as of 05/03/2020.

To check for updates to our Policy, we recommend consulting this page regularly.


The DPO at Bruche Valley Tourist Office will be happy to provide any further information about the use of your personal data.

Please e-mail your request to them at:  dpo@valleedelabruc>

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