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The Hang Clearing

Le Hang - 67420 Bourg Bruche - Find

The source of the Bruche is at an altitude of 690m at the foot of an oddly shaped mountain: the Climont (966m). It first runs through a wide sun-soaked "basin" called the Hang Clearing where glass-making families settled from 1723 onwards because of the location near the woods and water. Charred stones and glass debris bear witness to the presence of glassworks that moved into the Baccarat sector between 1770 and 1790.

Neverthess, the Hang continued to thrive following the arrival of countless Mennonite farmers from Switzerland. This place was ideal for their pastoral and mystical life. Throughout the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century, these Mennonites were amazing breeders, way ahead of agricultural progress. There are still many Mennonite families living in the valley.

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