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Noël avec les freres Koalas

25A rue de Schirmeck - 67570 Rothau - Find

Christmas with the Koalas brothers, Sunday 11 December at 10H00

Christmas with the Koalas Brothers Duration 46min

Director Tobias Fouracre

This year, Christmas will be unforgettable in the Australian desert: the Koala Brothers have invited everyone they love, even Penny who lives in Antarctica! But she injures her wing before leaving... No matter, the Koala Brothers decide to cross the ocean in their plane to look for her on the ice floe. Meanwhile, their friends are finalizing preparations for the big party, which will not be without a few twists and turns!

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Adulte : 5 € (supp 3D :1,50€) Enfant : 4 €.


Venue of the event / Trail departure: : Cinéma Le Royal à Rothau

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