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From farm to table, there is no doubt that the simple and delicious fresh local produce and cuisine will satisfy your palate in the midst of the beautiful countryside.

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Ferme auberge du Promont

Ferme auberge du Promont

Located in the heart of the forest near the GR531 hiking trail. Specialities: unique menu made using farm produce. Homemade desserts, dairy products. Livestock: ducks, cockerels,...
Ferme auberge du Ban de la Roche

Ferme Auberge du Ban de la Roche

Specialities: terrines, munster farmhouse cheese, warm blueberry supreme
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Ferme-auberge du Bambois

"Lovely farm guesthouse in a clearing between the village of Plaine and hamlet of Quelles. Specialities: terrine, tomiflette, cowboy's lunch, yoghurt, tomme, munster, cured meat,...
Office de tourisme de la vallée de la Bruche / Stéphane Spach

Ferme Auberge du Charapont

"Specialist chicken, turkey, capon, duck, goose and guinea fowl breeding farm. Specialities: foie gras, duck pie, homemade terrine, cockerel in riesling etc. Farm produce...
Ferme auberge des Hauts-Bois à Ranrupt

Ferme Auberge des Hauts-Bois

In the peace and quiet near the village and the GR 531 hiking trail. Specialities: homemade terrines, pies, cockerel in riesling, veal, rabbit, pot-au-feu stew, boeuf mode, tarts...

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