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Champ du feu footpath

67130 Belmont - Find

Champ du Feu is the highest point of the Bas-Rhin at 1099m. Its altitude grassland and domed peatlands create a natural space that is fragile and exceptional in equal measure. Discover this natural area along this signposted walking route. This public route is only open and signposted during the winter season (late December to late February).


Length of circuit : 5 Km
Trailhead : In front of Chalet du Champ du Feu - La Serva
Difference in altitude : 110 m

Dates and timetable

Duration : 1h

Equipment and Services

Public concerné

  Adults (individuals)


IGN map

Map no. : N° de la carte : 1/25 000 Champ du Feu et Bruche 25

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