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Outdoor stroller circuit H02: the Hang Clearing

67420 Bourg Bruche - Find

This walk snakes through a haven of peace and quiet to one of the Bruche Valley's legendary peaks. Surrounded by green and leafy landscapes, the Climont is the region's water tower. The source of the Bruche river is at an altitude of 690m. The Bruche then runs through a vast sun-soaked basin called the Hang Clearing. Off-road stroller recommended.


Length of circuit : 7,5 Km
Trailhead : Parking 'de la Fraise', chemin de la Fraise in Bourg-Bruche.
Difference in altitude : 175 m
Trail marked and maintained by volunteers of Club Vosgien

Dates and timetable

Duration : 3h

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Vallée de la Bruche

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