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Hiking trail CDF11: Tour of Ban de la Roche

67130 Bellefosse - Find

Bellefosse, Béfoss in patois, was part of the former Ban de la Roche fiefdom which became a Protestant land with seven other villages including Rothau and Fourday after the Reform. The town is overlooked by the ruins of Château de la Roche also known as "zum Stein" or "Steinschloss". It was first mentioned in 1170 with the Stein family. Ban de la Roche is named after the 12th century château. The bishop of Strasbourg had the château demolished in 1469 to put an end to the Rathsamhausen family's acts of violence.


Length of circuit : 8 Km
Trailhead : Farmhouse inn Ban de la Roche
Difference in altitude : 314 m

Dates and timetable

Duration : 3h


IGN map

Map no. : N° de la carte : 1/25 000 Champ du Feu et Bruche 25

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