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Hiking trail D03: Befestigte Positionen nördlich des Donon

67130 Grandfontaine - Find

The Donon and its surroundings marked the border between France and the German Empire making it the scene for violent combat from August 1914. It was such a big issue that it was deemed essential to build a barrier of defences. These untouched constructions, trenches and shelters are now the breadcrumb trail through a determined face-off between 2 armies prepared to do anything and everything to defend their countries...


Length of circuit : 7 Km
Trailhead : Forester's lodge Haut Donon
Difference in altitude : 280 m
Trail marked and maintained by volunteers of Club Vosgien

Dates and timetable

Duration : Half-day

Equipment and Services

Equipment required

  Walking shoes


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