The Bruche: a water garden... The Donon The Oberlin Museum A place of memory and a land of history Local produce Alsace, an unexpected area with hidden natural treasures.

The Bruche: a water garden...

Fishing or cycling along the peaceful banks of the Bruche river.

The valley extends from the confines of the Vosges to the banks of Strasbourg, mysterious, clear, running or still; the Bruche river imprints a crystal view of the valley.

The Donon

Nature meets energy and hosts a legendary place of worship and sanctuary

Standing 1009 metres high, this sacred mountain invites you to embrace Alsace, Lorraine and view what is expressed as “the blue line of the Vosges”

The Oberlin Museum

Where learning is fun ... and education always enjoyable

Long before of what we now know as the public school , the idea of a school and a method of teaching focusing on young children were born in 1769 in a remote corner of the Alsatian Vosges.

A place of memory and a land of history

An area that sits between two borders...

The landscape of the Bruche Valley travels in your mind like a history book that has not finished being written yet.

Local produce

Get prepared to be carried away by the flavours of the land...

Whether in farm houses, on market stalls, terrace dining in the summer or around the fireplace in the winter, the Bruche Valley knows all about local produce!

Alsace, an unexpected area with hidden natural treasures.

One does not come here by chance...

Or simply to see “the blue line of the Vosges”. Come here to enjoy the warm hospitality and spirit of generosity of its people and to appreciate their creative local talents for well being in a lush green haven. Come for the Bruche Valley, naturally. You will not regret it.

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Spectacle Renoncule - Huguette Dreikaus

The 02/05/2015

Calendrier des manifestations vallée de la Bruche

from 15/04/2015 to 15/05/2015

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bassin intérieur - Jérome Mondière

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Vel'ness by Julien

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Vel'ness au Velleda

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