The Landscape Le Champ du Feu The Bruche: a water garden... The festivals of Alsace Local produce The Bruche Valley, a link between the Vosges and Alsace.

The Landscape

The Bruche Valley embodies a feeling of tranquillity...

The surrounding forests and grasslands are happily set against the sky displaying their soft curves. When you are there you can be sure you are in the Bruche Valley.

Le Champ du Feu

The ideal spot for a 100% natural trip !

The Champ du Feu, standing at 1099 metres, is the highest point of the Lower Rhine.  The vegetation of its mountain stubble fields and raised peat bogs make this natural site as fragile as it is exceptional.

The Bruche: a water garden...

Fishing or cycling along the peaceful banks of the Bruche river.

The valley extends from the confines of the Vosges to the banks of Strasbourg, mysterious, clear, running or still; the Bruche river imprints a crystal view of the valley.

The festivals of Alsace

Get the party started!

Folk musical evenings, Christmas musical eves, harvest festivals, celebrations and popular local delights. Alsace is said to have as many festivals as there are days in the year...

Local produce

Get prepared to be carried away by the flavours of the land...

Whether in farm houses, on market stalls, terrace dining in the summer or around the fireplace in the winter, the Bruche Valley knows all about local produce!

The Bruche Valley, a link between the Vosges and Alsace.

In the Bruche Valley, you will not find cob walls, timber frame or half-timbered houses...

Here low, stocky houses with a sober architecture and made of pink sandstones, adorned by curves, arches and hearts compose the farm houses of the villages of the valley. They embodie the charm of the Vosges mountains and the quite and warm nature of Alsace.

Things you shouldn't miss

Synagogue Schirmeck

European Heritage Days: La synagogue

The 20/09/2014

European Heritage Days: The castle of Salm

from 20/09/2014 to 21/09/2014

1914-18 au Donon

European Heritage Days: La guerre 1914-18 au Donon

The 21/09/2014

Synagogue Schirmeck

European Heritage Days: La synagogue

The 21/09/2014

Useful hints and tips

Montagne et terroirs à Lutzelhouse

Montagne et terroirs

Pass'Alsace 2014

A grandiose tour of Alsace! Over 20 sites to visit over 3 days ! Card 1 adult + 1 child. Animal parcs, fortified...

Guide des activités associatives 2014-2015

Ticketing : Blues et Speck

Vel'ness au Chalets Label Nature

Vel'ness by Julien

Sauna le Velleda

Vel'ness au Velleda

Tennis Club de la Vallée de la Bruche, Schirmeck

Tennis:Tennis court hour rental

Ticketing : Concert Ernest

Current special offerts or short breaks

Hiking trip in Alsace "La Haute-Bruche grandeur nature"

In the Bruche Valley... Forget everything and be welcome in a preserved nature and landscapes through the seasons...

Jo Pesendorfer - La Cheneaudière

Delightful biking : Smart, trendy and eco- friendly !

Up hill and down vale, through the fields and forests… Rent an E-bike for a culinary experience across scenic...

bassin intérieur - Jérome Mondière

Vel'ness à la Chenaudière

Vel'ness au Chalets Label Nature

Vel'ness by Julien

La vidéo

Video film

Winter sport resort Champ du Feu

C'est en Alsace, au cœur du massif des Vosges, dans la vallée de la Bruche, que Fabrice KRENCKER, artisan confiturier et son équipe, vous concoctent avec passion et imagination plus de 30 recettes de confitures, marmelades et gelées.